Tuesday, February 12, 2013

7 Things you didnt know about Sleep

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Having trouble sleeping at night and waking in the morning or just plain need some more shut eye. You might want to read on and find out more about sleep that you didn't know before.

          Here are seven common beliefs about sleep:

1.You need 8 hours of sleep per night.
 "Most people overeat 100 percent, and oversleep 100 percent, because they like it. That extra 100 percent makes them unhealthy and inefficient. The person who sleeps eight or ten hours a night is never fully asleep and never fully awake - they have only different degrees of doze through the twenty-four hours."               Thomas Edison
True we do need a decent amount of sleep but each person it varies and changes. Both researchers and scholars have found that too much sleep is bad for your health and at the same time too little sleep is a risk factor to your health. So access your body need and judge accordingly. Your body will tell you through signs if it needs more or less.

2. Exercise helps you sleep better.
 Christin Anderson, MS, wellness and fitness coordinator of the University of San Francisco, explains that exercise affects many sites within the nervous system and sets off pleasure chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine that make us feel calm, happy, and euphoric.
 “When one exercises,” Anderson says, “you can think more clearly, perform better, and your morale is better. This is pure science — stimulate your nervous system and function at a higher level.”
Exercise may be a contributing factor to sleeping more better and deeper through the night. But light activity done for long periods of time that make us tired and sleepy.

3. Sleeping is a way to let your brain rest.
No evidence shows that any major organ (including the brain) or regulatory system in the body shuts down during sleep. In fact the brain activity is increased upon sleep. It remains fully active to control the bodily functions and needs.

4. As you get older you need less sleep.
The quantity of sleep is important and much needed but more important is the quality of sleep that is the missing factor. There are many people who sleep 8 to 10 hours a night but there sleep is very poor and they are fatigued upon waking and there day.

5. You need drugs if you have insomnia every night.
It is best to discuss with a health care provider if you are suffering from extreme sleeping disorder like insomnia before taking any medication. Many drugs and medications have serious side effects and can be fatal.

6. Lost  sleep can be made up later.
 It takes more than the two days of the weekend to get back to a rested state, says Dr. Philip Gehrman, assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania .  “If you try to catch up on the weekends, but then start sleeping less at the beginning of the next week, you quickly end up just as tired as you were at the end of the week. Sleep debt should be repaid immediately and gradually.

7. Coffee is the substitute for loss sleep.

True fact is that coffee is a means to keep you awake for long periods. The downside is that it wears off after a short period and you are more tired then before. So you have to deal with lack of sleep and fatigue which can be double trouble.